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Security Tips

Protect Yourself and Your Information Online

Be careful when you do your banking online. There have been cases of copycat web sites created by unauthorized persons posing as authentic web sites, or e-mail/phone calls asking you to provide personal or account-related information with the intention of carrying out Internet theft and fraud.

Please take necessary precautions and be on the alert for suspicious e-mail or phone calls asking for your personal account information. Never reveal your Internet Banking or ATM PIN or account information to anyone.

The easy ways to protect yourself
  1. Do not share your password with friends, relatives or anyone. Your password and PIN are designed to protect the privacy of your banking information. They will only work if you keep them private.
  2. Change your password frequently. If you think your password has been compromised, contact our RHBBCP Cambodia Hotline or Customer Care Centre to reset your password.
  3. Don't use the "remember password" function because this information can be easily accessed by hackers.
  4. Do not send any information about your account via e-mail.
  5. Do not provide your account details or passwords in response to an e-mail or by phone. A RHBBCP officer will never ask for this information.
  6. Don't open suspicious e-mail attachments.
  7. Avoid downloading free programs. These may incorporate hacker-friendly software.
  8. Always log out of RHBBCP Internet Banking/Banking App immediately after completing transactions and before visiting other websites.
  9. Clear your cache (information stored in your computer memory) each time you log out.
  10. When using the Internet Banking, logout and return to the Home Page before leaving the website.

If you have queries about any e-mail from RHBBCP or are suspicious that someone may be trying to get your PIN or account information under false pretences, contact our RHBBCP Cambodia Hotline (855) 23 992 833, Or at our toll free hotline: 1800 20 8118 immediately. Or you can reach us by email at [email protected]

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