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Why Use Your Debit Card Instead of Cash?

In Cambodia, using cash for daily purchases is typically more common compared to the use of debit cards. However, have you ever wondered which you could benefit by using debit cards instead of cash?


We’re not here to choose sides, instead we will walk you through the benefits of a debit card as compared to cash. Although many of us might still be biased towards cash as the norm, it’s important to be aware of debit cards as they offer services that you can definitely take advantage of. Ready to know more? Let’s do it!


Discounts and Privileges

The ever-popular reward systems. We all know them! You’ll find most merchants collaborating with banks to offer a special debit card discount to their customers. For instance, you might be able to enjoy discounts off the total bill at a selected restaurant when you pay using your card as to nothing when you pay by cash. These promotions vary between merchants. It could be in the form of cashback, point collections and more. Stay updated about all these promotions by frequently checking your bank’s website or following them on social media. By benefiting from these discounts and privileges, you can probably save more compared to paying the full price by cash. (Yay!)

Better Security Features

The current technology has greatly improved the security for debit card purchases. Most debit cards even offer you the option to set your withdrawal limit to assist control of your card usage. If you’re still sceptical about contactless payment, you can opt to input your 6-digit PIN number while making a purchase. On the contrary with cash, it may be harder to manage when there isn’t a limit control. You could also be exposed to counterfeit money during transactions, or potentially be a victim of crime if you carry large quantities of cash.


Smart Chip is an embedded microchip that sits in your debit card. This microchip encrypts all the data to increase security when you make a withdrawal at an ATM, or while making transactions at merchants and other terminals. Almost every bank in Cambodia is offering Smart Chip debit cards. Additionally, as an extra safety feature, banks often send SMS transaction alerts to your phone, informing you that a transaction has been made with your debit card.


Easy and Convenient Transactions

Wave goodbye to the days where you had to carry a bulk of cash wherever you were going. You no longer need to bother with counting small change and carrying around pesky loose notes! Debit cards now allow you to make a purchase by just a tap. Just imagine how simple it is for everyone to make a purchase without needing to have any cash on hand. Simply tap your card and enjoy shopping. Not only does it help eliminate long queues at supermarkets, but it also helps make our shopping experience better.


Should You go Completely Cashless?

The quote ‘Cash is King‘ still has its truth. You should always have extra cash on hand for smaller transactions at the gas station or smaller stores that might not provide debit card payments (yet). However, it could be beneficial to use a debit card when travelling or while buying expensive purchases, so you don’t have to carry too much cash with you. Why not try going cashless?

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