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What does your Horoscope Say About Your Savings?

Our personal relationship with money says a lot about who we are and what kind of life we will lead based on our financial management. This is especially important because we depend on money to get by in the world.

Have you ever wondered whether your star sign influences your fortune? Find out below, to understand the relationship between your zodiac sign and money:


A fire sign full of energy, Aries often burn their cash as soon as they get their hands on it. They tend to be impatient, competitive and love to excel, especially in their career. They should learn to be more patient when it comes to saving and managing money to build their wealth.


Not many signs can be compared to Taurus in terms of money making. Taurus works hard and is motivated by a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, which if overindulged, could outpace their income. But Taurus is down to earth and are good at saving and investment, allowing a huge sum of cash to sit in their bank account.


Gemini’s airy hesitation makes it challenging for them to make decisions regarding finance. Coupled with their dualistic personality, which sees them being stingy on one day and making it rain the other, this sign will have to learn through hard experience of not having plentiful savings, to make better spend-or-save decisions.


This water sign is known to be sensitive, family and people oriented, and make more decisions based on their heart instead of their head. Their financial goals revolve around ensuring that their family and those important to them are well taken care of. Hence, they are cautious in their spending and are seen as penny-pinching, but their goals and nature can explain why they have the need to be financially stable.


Fiery with great charisma, people gravitate towards Leo for inspiration and leadership. Like their personality, they also have a bold spending habit, which often goes towards others rather than themselves. Although they can easily earn money with their strong character, they need to be careful not to overindulge or they may end up broke faster than any other signs.


Contrary to Cancer’s emotional nature, Earthy Virgo are highly practical and analytical. They prefer safety over risk and scrutinize all investment opportunities before making a decision. This makes them good at saving but a little difficult to attract more money into their life. Learning to take some calculated risks will allow a Virgo to better expand their financial portfolio.


Libra enjoys their life in the air, spending lavishly to maintain a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle but a bit indecisive in where their money should go to grow more money. This means it is quite difficult to get a Libra into a saving and investing habit. Hence, it is helpful for a Libra to find someone who can help them organize their wealth.>/p>


A sign that knows their way around people, and how to set a boundary between emotional and rational decisions, Scorpio is great at money management and wise at spending and investment. Their discipline in spending may come from the desire to be financially stable or after a big financial lesson, especially after misusing their money.


Their obsessiveness and passionate nature creates a perverse relationship with money. The Archer likes taking big risks when investing, shooting their arrow aiming for the grand prize. If they can direct their obsession to self-improvement, they can easily succeed in wealth-building.


Capricorns are pragmatic and rational by nature, choosing to thread the ground carefully when it comes to finance. They are the one amongst all the zodiacs, who are likely to have an early retirement plan and sensible low risk but rewarding long term investment. Their money management skills often come from their experience and mistakes in their early days.


Their creativity often makes it easy for them to have a career that earns well. However, their community-oriented nature may lead them to spend more on charity or the greater good rather than for themselves. Hence, they manage money well but do not have a plentiful saving.


This sea dweller tends to idealize finance and make decisions based on impulses and intuition. Money management is not their cup of tea, making it easy for them to go through ebb and flow of cash. It is helpful for them to find someone to assist in managing their finances.

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