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Things Women Used to be Banned from Doing

Can you believe that back then what we, women, considered to now were not allowed? Below are 7 things women used to be banned from doing:

1. Voting

Women were considered to be intellectually inferior to men, and therefore, were not fit to take part in politics. While there is still a long way to go in empowering women to take on leadership positions, there are plenty of women leaders out there and they have definitely proven men, otherwise.

2. Opening a bank account

Women were not allowed to open a bank account under their own name. As a result, they cannot apply for loans or withdraw money by themselves. They need their husband to cosign the account creation and if they were single, their father would have to sign for them.

3. Keeping their job while pregnant

Back then, if you become pregnant while working, your career life pretty much ended there. The concept of maternity leave did not exist back then and even after you delivered your baby, you are forever banned from coming back to work because it is believed that women may neglect their child afterward.

4. Becoming lawyers

Women could go to law school but when they graduate, they cannot practice as a lawyer or represent their clients in court. Imagine spending 4 years in school only to be told you are not allowed to work.

5. Having their own passport after marriage

Once a woman gets married, she needs to forfeit her individual passport and get a joint passport with her husband because it is not considered acceptable for a woman to travel outside of her country without her husband.

6. Wearing pants

It is rare to see women wear pants back then. Pants were considered a male garment, and even after it gained popularity among women back then, women still weren’t allowed to wear them to work.

7. Shopping on their own

Women were expected to be escorted by men every time they go out, especially if it is to shop. Not only that but they are banned from entering many public places on their own because it is considered dangerous and they need men to protect them. Sounds like you are out of luck if you wanted to have some alone time back then.

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