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Smarter Ways to Buy the Latest iPhone

What’s not to love about Apple? The company has built a strong reputation for its sleek, sophisticated, and easy-to-use products, especially the iPhone! In fact, the latest iPhone 11 comprises a dual-camera set up, speedy new processor, and crisp LCD screen, perfect for anyone who’s hooked on their smartphone.

Buying an iPhone in Cambodia means having to pay a relatively premium price that may not be affordable for everyone, especially if you are still a student. However, with some creativity, getting the newest iPhone is still within your reach! You can consider these four tips to buy the latest iPhone without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a good idea to plan ahead when you can, so that when the next iPhone releases, you’ll be ready to own one the smarter way.

Purchase with A Mobile Plan, Pay in Instalments

A less taxing way to get that new iPhone you’ve been eyeing on is to purchase it with a mobile plan as it allows you to pay on a monthly instalment basis. Depending on the telco company, the catch is that you’ll be tied to a subscription contract for 1-2 years and pay slightly more than its total retail price at the end of your payment. However, considering the payment flexibility it offers you, it’s still not a bad deal.

For example, instead of paying a lump sum of $869 for the new iPhone 11, you can subscribe to Smart Axiata’s Monthly Instalment Plan at $81 monthly, with its FREE data plan when you sign up to purchase an iPhone 11 (64GB). Alternatively, those who are eyeing iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) can sign up to their Monthly Instalment Plan at $116 monthly, which also comes with a FREE data plan.

Trade-in Your Old iPhone for New with Less

We understand that the new iPhone models can be very enticing, especially if you are using an older model. But before you ditch your smartphone, why not consider trading it in to get the latest iPhone, at a lower price?

Given Apple’s premium international reputation, a good condition used iPhone does have a high resale value provided that it has no obvious defects such as scratched screen and depleted battery performance. Moreover, Cambodian phone stores are commonly known to buy second-hand phones, so you can easily find a buyer for your old phone in order to fund your purchase of the new iPhone 11.

Search & Compare Online Stores for Attractive Deals

Scouting for the best deals on social media could prove worthwhile if you know where to look. Get active on Facebook or Instagram! As a social media savvy nation, Cambodian phone stores often set up a Facebook or Instagram page to keep their customers updated on new products. These online stores often live stream the sales of new phones and items on Facebook or Instagram, so you can be the first to know about enticing discounts and promotions for the smartphone you’ve always wanted! You can easily contact these phone stores via Facebook messenger to ask about their latest promotions, and place your order for delivery or collection.

Order Via Amazon for Less & Enjoy Cashback, Plus More

As of November 2018, Amazon has become an authorised Apple dealer, launching its official Apple store on the platform. This eliminated all 3rd party sellers from the platform which have always been known for offering more competitive deals than the Apple store itself, but it ensures quality and trust as your products is directly distributed by Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you could benefit from getting 5% off when paying by credit card.

In the case of iPhone 11, prices for this model in Cambodia tend to be more expensive than on Amazon. This gives you another reason why buying your latest iPhone 11 from Amazon is a better option. In Cambodia, the new iPhone 11 (64GB) could go up to $869 while on Amazon, you could get the same model with the same features for only $699. After factoring in shipping costs, which could total up to $55.99 (via FedEx Priority, based on the new iPhone 11’s weight at less than 1lbs), that’s $114 difference!

Additionally, when you use your credit card, you will also stand to enjoy the extra percentage of cashback benefits offered by your credit card issuer, plus collecting points which could be redeemed.

Not bad, right? However, before making any purchases with your credit card or debit card, always make sure to check with your card’s issuer first ensuring international online payments have been enabled.

Besides these money-saving tips and tricks, there are also other conventional ways to earn money for the latest iPhone such as committing to side hustles, setting budgeting rules and selling your unused or unwanted items for extra money. When there’s a will, there’s always a way!

At the end of the day, whatever your strategy is, it is also important to not let it compromise your quality of life. If you have to skip lunch and dinner just to own one, then perhaps the question to consider here is: “Do you really need the latest iPhone?”

If you answer yes to the question, remember that there are smarter ways to own one without compromising your financial health. You can consider purchasing it with a mobile plan for flexible payment, trade-in your old iPhone for the new one, search and compare for the best deal on social media or last but not least, purchase it from Amazon which allows you to enjoy amazing perks and benefits through credit card payment.

Even if you don’t own the newest iPhone, since all Apple products are globally known for its consistent sophisticated design and powerful features, you’d be glad to know that the previous iPhone generation can also be your next best option. Apple typically lowers the prices of its previous generation smartphones with the release of new ones, so ultimately you can also enjoy lower price for a new out-of-the-box iPhone.

Now, isn’t that a good deal?

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