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Is it safe to invest as students?

Moving up from high school to university can be challenging. There are new responsibilities and commitments such as moving away from home and living independently. However, this time is the best time for us to start learning about investment. Here are a few methods that we can look into.

Opening a fixed deposit account

Fixed deposits are one of the safest investments we may find. All we need to do is to deposit money for a period of time that we are comfortable with and we’ll get to enjoy a higher interest compared to a savings account. If you have spare cash to save, this will be an easy way for you to grow your savings. The longer you save, the more you get for your interest!

Invest a little each month

Start off by investing a small amount and see how the stock market fluctuates. With this we’ll get a grasp on the market trends and that encourages us to do more research and analyzing on our own.

Find affordable brokers

Brokers are registered members of the securities market. We can always try to seek help from one if we are looking into investing in stocks or securities. They can get us started by providing research tools or advice. However this comes with a cost, which is what we’ll need to consider before agreeing on one!

What do you think about investment now? Be well-informed as you make your first step and we wish you the best on it!

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