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How different will this year's festivities be celebrated?

Throughout the year, Cambodia has many national holidays and celebrations. These holidays are opportunities where families and relatives could come together for reunions and celebrate.

However, because of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health advised against large gatherings this year, especially if there are senior citizens in your family. Hence, this year’s holiday seasons will be different from the past.

1.       Gathering on Social Media

Normally during holidays, it’s common to host family gatherings with relatives coming over or travelling together on trips. But with the imposed travel restriction, that has proven to be difficult. The best solution is to do a virtual meeting using social media and other online call platforms.

This way, we can ensure that we can meet everyone and their safety is taken care of.

2.       Getting Food Delivery

Food is the center of all celebrations, that’s why we love to feast during festive seasons. However, with the pandemic in place, gatherings and even grocery shoppings are not as easy as before. Instead of doing it the extravagant way, enjoy simple meals or even order in to celebrate with those who stay under the same roof with you! After all, having a safe celebration is better than anything else, right?

3.       Shopping Online

Miss shopping for new clothes and furniture for the season? Do it online! A few clicks on your mobile apps and you’ll be receiving those items at the comfort of your own home without risking your health. Sounds like a good plan for shoppaholics!

This year festivities might be different, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be as joyful. Have fun and stay safe!



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