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Drop Shipping

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur or wanting to be a multi-million dollar businessman? Start Drop Shipping today.

What is Drop Shipping?

To better understand Drop Shipping, we need to first understand the Drop Shipping Business Model. In general, Drop Shipping is a business that uses (Fulfillment based business model), which means we do not need to have stock in hand, we purchase the items and have it shipped directly to the customers .

For this Drop Shipping business, you need 2 main characters.


You need a website to advertise the items you think people would want to purchase. Therefore, the website is the main model for the complete operation of this type of business. The most popular platform for Drop Shipping business is Shopify.


Shopify is a website for creating your own e-commerce website and it is easy for you to bring your favorite products to post from sale. Usually, they start contacting product suppliers such as (Alibaba, Aliexpress, Taobao ...) etc. Just take a picture of the product you want to sell from those suppliers and post it on your website.

For example, you choose a product from TaoBao for $3 and you put it on your website for $20. So when a customer buys this product, you can make a profit of $17.

In order for this type of business to run smoothly, all you need to do is contact a supplier to get it delivered to your customers directly. Therefore, this type of business has many benefits, especially for those who want to start earning extra money. You do not have to spend much capital to promote your product.

All you have to do is rely on Shopify and pay a service fee to put in the item people might want from other e-commerce sites. Once you’ve succeeded in your business, head to RHB Cambodia and track your finances by opening a bank account with us!

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