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5 Must-Try Cafés in Phnom Penh

With an average consumption of 2.5 coffees a day, it is clear that Cambodians love coffee. That’s for sure!

Thanks to the ever-increasing cafe-craze encouraged by students and young working adults, there’s a high chance that you’ll come across a cafe in any given direction while roaming the city. Got a coffee craving you have to fix? Here is a list of affordable and high-quality cafes you might want to check out!

Java Creative Cafe

If you ever find yourself in Toul Tom Poung, one of the must-visit coffee places is, without a doubt, the Java Creative Cafe. Known for its homemade Western fusion food and organic milk-based coffee drinks, this loft-style cafe concept will help you feel as calm as you were at home. Enjoy a great selection of music and gorgeous greeneries that fill the spaces. Definitely one of our favourites!

  • Service Rating: 4.5/5

Lot 369

Up next in the Toul Tom Poung neighbourhood, you will find the tasty Aussie-style cafe, Lot 369. Perfect for a lazy Phnom Penh weekend, this all-day breakfast spot has your healthy and greasy food needs covered. With classic brunch favourites and vegan + gluten-free menu items to go with your coffee, all that’s left is the minimalist decor and breezy open-air space to house your experience. If you need any more excuse to stop by, they serve ice-cream atop their pancakes.

  • Service Rating: 4.5/5
  • BONUS: They promote environmental sustainability

Eric Kayser

If you’re in the mood for bread and pastries with your coffee, then Eric Kayser Paris is the place to be. Located in the Phnom Penh AEON Mall, this cafe complements its freshly roasted coffees with an award-winning French bakery that uses natural and premium ingredients. Not to mention, being world renown for having the best croissant in Paris in 2009, followed by Tokyo, New York and Singapore.

  • Service Rating: 4.3/5

Brown Cafe

Looking for a place that has something for everyone? The native Brown Cafe is perfect for any crowd. Not only is there one close by wherever you live in the city, it is also a great meeting spot for personal and professional needs. From a workspace to a chill-out spot, Brown Cafe is far beyond just a Starbucks knockoff with a full food menu to accompany the wide range of coffee and tea varieties (as well as tasty shakes!).

  • Service Rating: 4.8/5

365 Coffee

Looking for a good all-round cafe? Make a stop at 365 Coffee in Toul Tum Poung. It may seem like you’re stepping into a forest with the lush, outdoor decor but the inside offers a more modernised concept while providing an artistic feel and great lighting from top to bottom. A fine place to pass the time with great food, various options for drinks, and a warm atmosphere for work and chill with the best selection of music.

  • Service Rating: 4.3/5

If you ever need your caffeine fix for the day or just a nice space to connect with others, try stopping by these tasteful spaces the next time. Visit the above and you won’t need to break the bank for a nice cup of coffee.

*Disclaimer: Views expressed are solely opinions; goWave is in no way affiliated or sponsored by any of the cafés mentioned.

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