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4 Tips To Stretch Your Riels

Student life, the time when we have all the time and energy to spend, but not money! Well, now the tables are turned with these hacks on how to stretch your Riels a little more.

Budget It

The first and most important step is always to plan with a budget. List down your income (which can be our loans, pocket money or scholarship), your savings, and things you want to spend on. See some extra money there? Now you can spend it as you like!

Download A Financial App

Sticking to that budget all the time doesn’t sound easy at all, but with technology, it’s possible! There are apps in the market that can help keep track of your budgeting and spending limits. It’s like having someone alerting you every time you spend!

Shop Smart At The Markets

Food will definitely be the next biggest expense after rent. That’s why we should see how we can save some of it to make way for other spending. One great way will be learning how to cook yourself. Why pay restaurants when you can make the same meal with half the price? Besides that, bulk buying on groceries can help us in planning our budget (and meals) in advance too! Want an extra tip? Try to shop at the end of the day as markets normally give out discounts on items they want to get rid of on the day. All these small things will add up to a huge chunk that we can save and splurge a little more at the end of the month!

Buy Second-hand Books

The cost-free choice will always be free online versions of our textbooks, but not all of them are available. Hence, when it comes to buying books, why not buy it from our seniors or college alumni who are no longer using them anymore? Second-hand books don’t sound so bad when they save you extra cash to spend!

Do you think these tips are useful to you? Share your budgeting hacks with us too!

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