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4 Saving Tips For Cinema Lovers

Great movies are best to watch on the big screens, but sometimes your wallet might not agree to your hobby. Fret not, here are some frugal hacks to help you stretch those entertainment bucks!

1. Check For Promotions

Places like Legend Cinemas often give out 10-15% discounts to certain telco users, so keep an eye out and grab those deals while you’re getting your tickets!

2. Watch It As It Is

Seeing your favorite heroes in action in 3D or on a comfortable couch is definitely a huge bonus, but the movie is the point! Check for reviews to see if 3D is worth it for some movies and save on all the unnecessary additions instead.

3. Join The Loyalty Programme

If you’re going to the cinemas frequently anyway, why don’t join their membership programme and get extra perks for your hobby? Some might even give you free tickets on your birthday!

4. Pay With The Right Card

Speaking of free tickets, guess what debit card can give you one once you sign up? You’re right, it’s RHB! Now when you sign up on a new RHB account, you can get a debit card that fits your lifestyle as a movie lover and a free Legend Cinema ticket!

Come on, movie lovers. With these tips, your wallet will be as happy as you when you enjoy your time with the big screen!

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