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How to Recognize Online Romance Scams and Ways to Avoid it

In this digital day and age, many youths are turning to online dating websites and dating apps, in the hope of finding true love and their dream partners.They often think meeting or knowing someone from the internet is a great way to get to know many people. However, these romance seekers faces a major risk in a cyberspace full of scammers looking to exploit for their benefits from the relationship.

An online love scam looks something like this:

When you posted a status on social media, describing the characteristics of the person you are looking for – good looking, smart and funny etc., suddenly a person responded to your post, saying that they are the one you are looking for, and currently they are living abroad.

Then, this person started messaging you to get to know you better. After several weeks or months, you started to grow close to this person and wanted to meet them. You arrange a plan to meet with the person but they seem to always have some sort of excuse. After that, you will likely receive a message from them about an emergency, such as health or finance, that require you to urgently transfer money to them. They promise to pay you back but that will never happen. Instead, they will continue to scam you for the money until you realize that this person is a scammer.

To avoid falling for such scams, below are some signs you can use to identify online scams:

1. The person sends you a photo of someone that looks like a model.

2. They seems to care a lot about you, but they also lie a lot, especially, trying to text or call you non-stop.

3. They promise to meet you multiple times but always find an excuse to avoid the meeting.

If you noticed any of these signs, you should:

1. Ask them about different things and observe whether they are consistent with their responses or not. If they constantly change their answers, then you are talking to a scammer.

2. Check the person’s photo with photos on the internet. If you see similar photos on various websites, it could be a sign that this person is a scammer.

3. Beware of a person who overly compliments or flirts with you.

4. Cut ties with this person immediately if you suspect that they are a scammer. You could also advise others to not fall for the same person.

You should also NEVER:

1. give your personal information to a stranger, especially those who you know from the internet.

2. send your photo to a stranger.

3. give money to anyone you just met on the internet.

Online love scams could affect your life more than you know it. Please share with us if you have encountered such experience or issues before.

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