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5 type of friends who will secretly help you save money

Saving and managing money is a very important life skill. Achieving future life goals such as education, marriage, investing and setting aside for unforeseen risks all requires savings.

The friends we hang out with could have great influence on the way we manage our personal finances. Most people, in fact, get their spending and saving habits from their friends. Do you know that there are five types of friends who can secretly help us save money without realizing? Check it out below!

1.The homebody friend:

This friend always invites us to visit his/her house. If we want to ask him/her to dine out or watch a movie at the cinema, he/she will absolutely refuse. Because to the homebody friend, everything can be done at home anyway! He/She likes to host gatherings at home, is skilled at cooking, and finding movies and fun games to play. Having this kind of friend will make us more accustomed to staying at home, cooking on our own and not wasting as much money on dining out or ordering food.

2.The mom of the group:

This friend is our most trusted and dependable friend in the group. He/She is always there to help us whenever we have a problem. When we are travelling with this friend, it feels just like we have our mom there with us (in a good way, of course!) Whether we need soap, tissue toiletries, snacks… this friend has it all! No need for unnecessary spending on overpriced stuff at the holiday destination. This friend also urges us to think carefully before spending money. He/she likes to remind us to save money and not spend it on unnecessary things. He/she always knows the best place to get good deals and discounts. We should thank our “mom” friend who saved us from going broke at the end of each month!

3. The older friend:

Because this friend is a little older, he/she also has more experience in life than us. Chances are, everything we need, this friend probably already has it. So when we need to buy something, he/she always tells us, "No need to buy! Borrow mine and use it for a while. If not, just take it! ”. Therefore, we can save a lot of money from not having to buy things and just borrow from this friend instead.

4. The friend who has work discounts:

This friend's workplace offers a lot of job benefits to him/her and it is not uncommon to have those benefits sometimes get passed on to us . For example, a friend who works at a cafe or a clothing store could give us discounts or product samples. No matter how big or small the amount is, the most important thing is that this friend is kind enough to share it with us.

5. The investor friend:

This friend’s skills and hobbies is to find ways to make money work for him/her. Anything you need to know about financial and economic news, ask him/her and he/she and you will get your answer. This friend may be a little bit of a nerd, but he/she always urges us to start thinking about the future by saving money and making investments. It is beneficial to learn from him/her and diligently discuss new business ideas/investments together. Though we may not realize, these five types of friends are all around us. They are the people who can help us save a lot of money, especially when we are still studying and have a low income. We should all let them know how grateful we are to have them as our friends!

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